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Kevin: Fitness Revival Success Story

If you are reading this page, I bet chances are one (and likely many) of the following resonates with-and applies to-you: 

  • You’ve probably perpetually dieted on and off for most of your life

  • You’ve probably lost a ton of weight before but gained it all back (and then some?) in short order

  • You’ve probably tried every “hip” diet out there, in some cases got rapid results, but then found the methods you used to lose all the weight were in no way sustainable

  • You struggle to stay consistent when you do diet. You have a good couple days followed by a bad couple days. Or you do great all week and blow the doors off the weekend and end up back to square one.

  • When results don’t happen fast for you you get impatient and quit

  • You’ve probably eliminated entire food groups, entire macronutrients, and had a “good food vs. bad food” mentality

  • When you've messed up your diet for a day you feel like you blew it, ruined all your progress, and then just continued to stay off track

  • You’ve went on a food binge, felt guilty, and then compensated the next day by eating very little and/or doing a ton of cardio

  • You’ve tried every bootcamp, on-demand exercise class, trendy exercise class and studio, etc...and never saw much change in your body

  • You’ve bought a ton of pills, potions, powders and supplements and never got a return on your investment

  • You “used to be in great shape” but feel you let yourself go

  • Real world stress and circumstances always seem to get in the way for you when it comes to meeting your health, fitness and weight loss goals


Do any of those hit home for you? Raising your hand saying “Yep! That’s me!” ?

Well I can help you. 

With ALL of the above.

Im Coach P. J. Striet, owner of Revive Fitness Systems LLC.

For the last 25 years, Ive been helping people just like you realize their fitness, fat loss, and lifestyle goals as both an in-person personal fitness trainer, and, currently, as an online fitness & nutrition coach. 

Heres a little about me:

  • Certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM-CPT)

  • Certified strength & conditioning coach through The National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA-CSCS)

  • Certified sports nutrition specialist through The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN-SNS)

  • Bachelors in Health Appraisal & Enhancement from Miami University (OH)

  • Contributor to Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Womens Health, Shape & Vanity Fair

  • Fitness correspondent for 700 WLW radio in Cincinnati, OH

So that’s my little resume. I’m going to spare you anymore information about me because, frankly, this isn’t about me. It’s about YOU and YOUR goals. 

I created the Fitness Revival coaching group for real world, busy adults-just like you-who:


  • are sick of always being on the diet and fitness hamster wheel

  • desperately want to FINALLY get some meaningful results for their time and effort in the short-term

  • are truly interested in learning about fitness, nutrition, and evidence-based, sustainable methods so they can maintain their results in the long-term 

  • want fitness to become a force multiplier in their life

  • are sick of not recognizing themselves, want to identify as a fit person and really live a fitness lifestyle

  • are stressed to the max with competing life demands but still desire to make fitness & nutrition a priority

  • want all the guesswork taken out of the equation and be told exactly what has to be done

  • are finally ready to do the work they say they want to do...but just didn’t know how

  • don’t want to break the bank but want (and deserve) true expert guidance. 

Im offering this coaching group because, for many, my one-on-one coaching, while far less expensive than seeing an in-person trainer, is cost prohibitive...especially in these uncertain times of COVID-19.

My goal is to help AS MANY people as I can, so I’ve spent the last 6 months devising what I KNOW is the best “bang for you buck, value-driven, fitness coaching and education program you’ll find anywhere.

Kim: Fitness Revival Success Story


Shelly: Fitness Revival Success Story

Innovative Training

  • Choose between 3, 4 & 5 day/week training splits so you can spend as much time in the gym as YOUR schedule allows for...using the type of workouts you like...and get great results

  • Detailed guidelines on how and when to progress each exercise so you are constantly giving your body a reason to improve

  • Exercise substitution recommendations given for each exercise in your program if you dont have access to certain pieces of equipment

  • Evidenced-based training protocols, with all the guesswork taken out, so you no longer waste time spinning your wheels using ineffective, inefficient workouts which get you nowhere

  • New training programs each month to keep things fresh and avoid boredom OR...

  • ...the ability to stick with the same program if you enjoy it and are making great progress

  • Flexible options for cardio so you are not forced to do activities you hate

  • Access to all prior Fitness Revival training’ll have a lifetime worth of workouts you can come back to again and again

Flexibly Structured Fat Loss Nutrition

  • Defined calorie & macronutrient targets so there is ABSOLUTELY no wondering how much to eat to lose fat

    • If you are one who wants a very regimented, repeatable plan, youll be given specific nutrition plans and meal plan templates with multiple food substitutions for every food in every meal

    • If you are one who likes more variety and loathes the thought of eating the same thing(s) everyday, you’ll also be given principle-based, flexibly structured alternatives you can easily implement 

  • Access to the BEST-and most user friendly-nutrition tracking app out there so you can easily keep track of your daily intake

  • Specific guidelines on when and how to change your diet to avoid progress stalls

  • Daily nutrition adherence tracker-with specific monthly targets-so you know what you are doing well or. where you need to improve

  • Off-plan nutrition days tracker so you know when and how much you can loosen up and enjoy special occasions with zero guilt...WHILE STILL GETTING GREAT RESULTS

  • The most thorough and well-defined strategy for maintaining your results you’ve EVER’ll avoid being one of the 95% of people who gain all their weight back

  • Food lists and macro “cheat sheets” you can plug directly into your tracking app so you dont have to waste time looking up foods

  • Detailed advice on diet breaks and alternative approaches which will allow you to enjoy more food on the weekends 

  • Detailed advice on weighing-in so you can get out of “scale jail” and stop stressing yourself silly over weight fluctuations

  • Biweekly assessments where you can input your measurements, photos, etc. to gauge your progress 

  • Detailed advice on actually HOW to gauge your progress so you are not “in the dark” about “if its working"


Jill: Fitness Revival Success Story

Accountability, Community, Continuing Education & Expert Guidance

  • Daily, scheduled habit/compliance trackers for training, nutrition, and overall activity for you to check in on (with monthly compliance goals) so you 100% KNOW if you are on track or if you need to pick it up

  • Biweekly assessments, scheduled for you on your calendar, where you submit scale weight, measurements, and photos so you can gauge your progress and determine if you need to make adjustments to your program (with clear details on how to do that)

  • A 40+ page Fitness Revival members manual which covers every element of this program and fitness & nutrition in general. After reading this, you’ll have what amounts to a Ph.D in fitness & fat loss nutrition so you can coach yourself for the rest of your life and never have to wonder how to get-AND STAY- in shape again. 

  • A 7 day “crash course” when you begin the program which covers the “big rock”, foundational training & nutrition principles and concepts which will guarantee success throughout your membership. 

  • Access to the private, members-only Fitness Revival Facebook group where you can share your triumphs, struggles, get support, give support and exchange ideas with like-minded busy adults on a fitness journey...just like you!

  • A new educational video in the Facebook group each week

  • Weekly Facebook live Q&A’s with me

  • The ability to ask questions in the Facebook group at any time with a guaranteed 24 hour response from me. 

Angela: Fitness Revival Success Story

Your Own Personal App

  • Everything-workouts, habit trackers, continuing education & check-ins-are scheduled for you within your own personal app so you know EXACTLY what to do and when to do it without confusion or just follow along and do what you're told

  • Conveniently access all your Fitness Revival training programs, view exercise video demonstrations, and log all of your workouts right in the gym on your smart phone

  • Your app will log all your training data-sets, reps, weight-for you and show you progress trends over time so you don’t have to remember what you did the last workout and you’ll know you are progressing

  • Quickly upload and compare your progress photos, measurements, and scale weight throughout your fitness revival to stay motivated about the great work you are doing

  • Receive regular motivational messages from me so you’re enthusiasm never wanes and your mindset stays “on point"

Revive Your Fitness...Revive Your Life!

What Are You Waiting For??

Joan: Fitness Revival Success Story


For about $1/Day!

You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain with virtually no risk (you are probably spending more at Starbucks each day ;)

This is as close as you’ll get to having a private coach or personal trainer for PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR!

You’ll have EVERYTHING you need to succeed.

If you bring the “why” and are willing to grind...

I’ll show you HOW and bring the help!

Get in the driver’s seat and I’ll be your fitness journey GPS!

Are you ready to:

  • finally have fitness be a force multiplier in your life?

  • walk around with confidence again?

  • love what you see the in mirror?

  • finally have a total handle on how to get and stay in shape FOR GOOD?

  • have the expert coach and trainer you’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford?

  • have ALL the guesswork taken out of your diet and workouts?


I’ll see you in the Facebook group ;) ,

Coach P. J. Striet