Online Fitness Coaching That Revives Your Fitness & Physique!

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My online fitness coaching program provides the expertise and accountability you need to become the fittest version of yourself and conquer this area of your life for good. To sum it up: I help you do the work you say you want to do when it comes to enhancing your fitness and cleaning up your nutrition. 


My goal and vision is to:


1. Guide you through the goal acquisition phase (fat loss, muscle gain, or body recomposition depending on your goal)


2. Once your goal has been reached, help you transition and figure out where to go next.


3. Most importantly, teach you the skills, strategies, habits and mindset you need to successfully live “the fitness lifestyle” permanently. 


That’s it. :)


Ok, you probably want to know what this costs and what’s included right?


  • 6 Month Commitment: $200/month

  • 12 Month Commitment: $150/month (best value)


  • A completely tailored, comprehensive training program to include strength training, metabolic /cardiovascular training, mobility/flexibility training etc. Everything-sets, reps, activities, durations, schedule, etc.-is laid out for you and video demonstrations of every exercise are provided. There is absolutely NO guesswork.

  • Program updates and progressions every 6-8 weeks

  • Programs are designed for use in either a commercial or home gym (or a hybrid) based on the exercises and activities you enjoy and the equipment you have access to (while keeping your orthopedic history and limitations in mind). 




  • An evidence-based, individualized, “flexibly structured” nutrition system based on your goal (fat loss, body recomposition, weight maintenance or muscle building) and comprised of the foods YOU like to eat. 

  • You are provided with:

    • A base nutrition plan/default diet to work off of

    • Multiple food substitutions (in the specific amounts) for every food in every meal on your plan so you can implement nearly unlimited variety

    • The calorie and macronutrient content for every food and every meal in your plan

    • The total daily calorie and macronutrient content 


Accountability and Connectivity


  • DAILY accountability and compliance tracking.

  • Weekly check-ins to address anything you want changed or are struggling with.

  • Biweekly “deep dive" check-ins where you submit photos, compliance data, and measurements so your plan can be adjusted based on your outcomes and responsiveness.

  • Your own personal coaching app and dashboard where you can access your training program, meal plan, continuing education documents, your personal schedule, compliance trackers, videos, etc.

  • In-app instant messaging (or email) with me at any time, 24/7, 7 days per week. *I AM RIDICULOUSLY RESPONSIVE AND YOU GET A RESPONSE WITHIN MINUTES. 

  • Audio, video and text feedback from me throughout your journey.

  • Behavior, habit & mindset coaching.


This coaching program is likely less than what you currently spend on your daily coffee drink at Starbucks. This is not an’s an investment in a better version of YOU with a substantial ROI (return on investment).

DON’T Spend $50-100/Session

on an In-Person Trainer.  


Train on your time. Train according to your schedule. Train more frequently...with the added bonuses of accountability, precision nutrition, and dedicated behavior & mindset coaching. 


Sound good? Ready to get to work and crush some goals together?


Just fill out the online fitness coaching application form below and let’s get you on the path to living your healthiest & fittest life!


*Note: I don’t mess around. If you want to do the work, I’ll help you do that work...but it is the work YOU want to do. If you are “wishy washy’ with this and your commitment...don’t bother. I don’t coddle people and I’m not a life coach or psychologist. I am not trained in those areas. I’m a “fitness guy” and there is no BS. I’ll call you out and give you tough love when needed, but I expect your compliance. My philosophy works. The principles behind it do (just check out my CLIENT SUCCESS STORIES ). Be ready to do this or don’t apply...I don’t want to waste your time and vice versa. 

Online Training Application

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