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How To Track Calories For Weight Loss

Learning how to track calories for weight loss is THE single most important thing you can do to, number one, lose weight sustainably and, more importantly, keep the weight off long-term. 

how to track calories for weight loss

Many people seek out fad diets or “meal plans” when deciding to lose weight, but, when it comes down to it, that’s the equivalent of being caught a fish. 

You don’t learn anything. You need to LEARN how to fish to keep the weight off long-term and develop a new lifestyle surrounding food. 

Learning how to track calories for weight loss does exactly that: it teaches you how to fish. 

You will learn more than you can possibly imagine about your body, how it responds to food, certain macronutrients, and certain calorie levels, etc. by tracking your nutrition intake for a period of time. Trust me on that.

The beauty of it is, once you learn the skills, know how to track calories for weight loss, know how to do can ALWAYS do it. There will be no need to seek out “the next diet” or figure out what to do in the future. 

When you learn the principles of energy intake, calorie in vs. calories out, and establish your unique needs through tracking your nutrition intake, you unlock the door, so to speak, and prevent yourself from ever having to find the “next best thing” to lose weight ever again.

You eliminate all the confusion.

So, with the above in mind, I’ve created an amazing video series on this very topic: How To Track Calories For Weight Loss

In this series, I’ll use myself as a case study during my 13-week fat loss phase (I’m 6.5 weeks in and down nearly 18 lbs. as I pen this). I’ll take you through and cover, in excruciating detail, the following:

  • How to set your calorie and macronutrient needs

  • How to track your own calories for weight loss

  • The best nutrition tracking app to use

  • How to read labels, weigh, and measure food

  • What mistakes are commonly made 

  • How to incorporate food variety

  • My favorite macro-friendly recipes for weight loss

  • And much more

The “How To Track Calories For Weight Loss” videos are 100% free. You can find the entire playlist below:

I HIGHLY encourage you to take the time (break it up into segments over a week as it’s extensive) to watch the entire video series (and there will be more segments in the future so check back). I truly think this series will be the “game changer” you’ve been looking for to reach and maintain your fat loss, weight loss, and body composition goals.

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