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Revive Fitness Systems

teaching you The skills to
lose fat and live the fitness lifestyle! 

My Revive Fitness Systems (Cincinnati, OH) online and in-person fitness coaching program provides the structure and accountability you need to become the fittest and leanest version of yourself for good... matter how busy and overwhelming life is (or how many times you've tried & and failed before).


Quite Simply: I help you do the work you say you want to do when it comes to getting fit, losing fat, and permanently changing your lifestyle.

Let's make fitness a force multiplier in your life!

Coach PJ Striet
P. J. Striet

PJ striet

For the last 25 years, I’ve been helping people just like you realize their fitness, fat loss, and lifestyle goals as both an in-person personal fitness trainer and online fitness & nutrition coach.

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Revive Fitness Systems
Revive Fitness Systems
Revive Fitness Systems
Revive Fitness Systems
Revive Fitness Systems
Revive Fitness Systems

The revive Method

The Revive Method
At the Gym
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Online Workout
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I develop a completely tailored, evidence-based training program so you actually look like you workout.

Fat Loss

I teach you the skills of flexible dieting so you never have to resort to unsustainable fads & quick fixes ever again.

+ connectivity

I help to ensure your actions align with your words through consistent check-ins & communication. 

Next Level

I help you revamp your habits and course correct your daily routine so you can permanently live a fitness-oriented lifestyle. 

Success Stories

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PJ holds me accountable with regular checkups and always adjusts according to my lifestyle and mood, which makes me definitely see the value of professional guidance regarding my fitness, nutrition, and health.


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